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Professional Supply Chain Challenges and Success Story:

As an acting Director of Logistics for a multinational Supply and Service Company, I was confronted with a transportation and inventory issue that required the movement of perishable and dry goods to customers in a hostile geopolitical and poorly infrastructure environment. I decided to setup several logistics meetings with internal and external customers to develop a relationship-based strategy that forested collaboration, trust and commitment, and communication and sharing of information that would allowed us to integrate our companies’ distribution and transportation management systems. This strategy helped the company to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time for consumer in this developing economy. It also enhanced our supply chain processes, and increased revenue and reduced total operational costs; and at same time enhanced thequality of life for more than1000s of people that were living below the United States’ poverty level.

Upcoming Business Workshop


Business Simulations: 

RVG International Consulting Firm, LLC., is offering online Harvard Business Publishing's business simulations on strategic management, marketing management and logistics strategies to help small and medium-sized companies streamline their business practices. These workshops are open to anyone, but availability is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible.



The Essentials of Customs Regulation and Trade Compliance; Webnair and Seminar:


This Customs  Regulation Complaince's webnair and seminar will provide useful information to small businesses on what they need to know and/or do when exporting and import products and services to a foreign market. It will also address the business research aspects and cultural challenges, and exporting policies and procedures, and legal issues; and logistics and marketing strategies.

1. Supply Chain Finance

2. Import FDA in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Authorized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System

3. Cuba Sanctions: “All You Need To Know"

4. Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) Items under Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

5. Mexico Maquiladora/IMMEX

6. Importing Marketing Channel Audits

7. Exporting Marketing Channel Audits

8. Commerce Control List (CCL) policy and procedures

9. Export to Mexico: Documentation and Procedures

10. Logistics Channel Incoterms Standards 2010

11. Determining the Proper Classification of a Product

12. Managing Multiple Free Trade Agreements

13. Import FDA Regulated Products

14. Specialized Exporting and Importing

15. International Logistics

16. Exporting to Canada Documentation and Procedures

17. FASB Export Responsibilites: USPPI, FPPI,  Forwarder, Carrier and Routed Transactions

18. Export Control Compliance: Creating and Self Assessing  Your Export Control Program (ECP) to Sanctioned Countries

19. What You Should Know About Export Requirements for FDA Regulated Products from US to Foreign Countries

20. U.S. Customs Broker Management 101: Steps to get the most out of your CHB and Increase Compliance

21. Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act

22. Global Compliance Panel Seminar Sessions (Two-Days Seminar)

23. U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security Updates Export Compliance Guidelines (Two-Days Seminar)






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